Benefits of Digital Marketing and SEO

Apr 26, 2021Blog

Digital marketing is like digging into a goldmine. More than two billion people are shopping online. Companies use social media, websites, and ads to tap into potential markets.

If you want to be competitive, you have to engage in digital marketing and SEO. Yet many companies are reluctant to do so.

They don’t know how digital marketing works. They don’t think they can reach local users and don’t think it has substantial benefits.

That’s far from the truth. So instead, understand the benefits of digital marketing in Massachusetts and SEO, and you can profit from them. Here is your quick guide.

SEO and Digital Marketing Attract More Traffic

SEO and Digital Marketing Attract More Traffic

SEO and Digital Marketing will increase your traffic rates. Therefore, the rankings in Google results matter.

28.5 percent of users click on the first result they see. That number drops to 15.7 percent on the second result. Once you get to the tenth result, the click-through rate drops to 2.5 percent.

By moving your website up in rankings, you will get more people on your website. However, it would help if you adopted several strategies to do this.

You must include the search terms people use in your website content, including meta descriptions. For example, if you use a search term three times in an article, that article will appear high in your results.

It would help if you made your website pages load fast. If they load slowly, people will leave your website. With enough time, you will have more people looking at your content.

SEO Promotes the Quality of Your Traffic

Getting a higher number of people to look at your page is essential. But that isn’t enough. It would help if you had people who would look at your page, then buy from you.

SEO and digital marketing can help with that. SEO is an inbound strategy, meaning it appeals to specific groups of customers.

Cold calling and television advertising are outbound. You are reaching out to customers, regardless of whether they want to hear from you. Many people find outbound measures annoying.

But inbound measures appeal to their needs. One common element of SEO and digital marketing is content production. You should write informative blog posts, interestingly discussing your industry.

This appeals to many people. They stick around and look at other pages on your website. They eventually buy from you and stay with you through time.

Digital Marketing Is Free

Cold calling and television advertising cost money. As a result, many people mute their ads or change the channel during an ad break. This means you lose thousands of dollars and get nothing out of it.

Most digital marketing tactics are free. It costs no money to run a social media page or upload a YouTube video. You can reach thousands of people with the click of a button.

Some services indeed cost money. For example, you will need to pay for a website provider. But these services cost less than conventional advertising, like television ads.

You also get more services for the money you pay. For example, website designers utilize visual design, marketing, and public relations. In addition, they can help with marketing methods like social media advertising and linking to your accounts on your pages.

SEO Promotes Public Relations

Search engine optimization is for more than sales. It is a great way to increase the public image of your company.

As mentioned previously, a significant component of SEO is generating informative content. This makes you seem like an intelligent industry leader.

Even your ranking can bolster your brand credibility. For example, a high order can lead customers to believe you are famous and established, encouraging them to shop from you.

Brand awareness involves customers being able to recognize your brand. By staying on top of rankings for an extended period, people will associate your business with what they searched for.

Social media is an informal platform. People use it to share jokes, personal thoughts, and stories.

You can be professional on your accounts, but you have room to be funny and personable. By making yourself likable, you encourage shoppers to buy from you.

Digital Marketing Strategy Focuses On Local Users

Many people think of the Internet as a global tool. Anyone from any part of the world can indeed visit your website. But you can adopt a digital marketing strategy focusing on attracting local users.

Searches with the qualifier “near me” have boomed. For example, car dealer-related searches with “near me” have grown by 200 percent between 2015 and 2017.

You can attract these users by writing search terms with the qualifier in your text. You can also write search terms with your town’s name in them.

You can reach out to local users on social media. For example, follow the pages of local news outlets and share important news stories. This encourages people nearby to look at your content.

You can interact with nearby users. Commenting and sharing their posts encourages them to check you out.

You can have fun with your marketing. For example, writing a top-ten guide for restaurants in your area shows a sense of humor while attracting local users.

Get the Best Digital Marketing in Massachusetts

SEO and digital marketing in Massachusetts are terrific ways to increase profits. First, they attract more traffic by ranking your business high in search listings. They promote high-quality traffic through content generation.

Most digital marketing methods are free. SEO improves public relations by bolstering your brand reputation and awareness. You can attract local users by sharing their content and placing search terms with “near me” in your content.

Turn to someone who can take your digital marketing to the next level. The Web Detective is the leading digital marketing service for Massachusetts businesses. Contact us today.