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Your Social Media Specialist! Stevie

Hi, I’m Stevie – your Social Media Specialist!

Running a business requires lots of time and can be overwhelming.
Luckily, I’m here to help! My specialty is managing your
social media accounts across various platforms while
you direct your energy on growing your business in other areas.


Creating visual content for social media accounts takes 3-6 hours per week. That means each entrepreneur, small business owner, and the salesperson would have to factor in this time to create consistency on social platforms… in addition to their weekly schedules. Creating copyright (written content like captions or text posts) to coordinate with that visual content can take 30-90 minutes. This time is better spent monetizing your business in alternate ways while a specialist manages those social media accounts.



  • Develops a social media strategy

  • Creates and publishes content on social media channels

  • Tracks insights and uses them to measure, improve, and report progress

  • Conducts social media monitoring and listening

It’s essential to create a welling working relationship with each client. That’s why I like to establish open communication throughout the brainstorming and creative process to ensure we’re on the same page.
Understanding each client’s goals and vision is the most critical part to providing a social media strategy is successful.




When building a strategy for your social channels, there are crucial elements to consider to create a successful plan.
The brainstorming phase will require the following:

  • Setting social media goals that are specific, measurable, and relevant

  • Learning about your audience (zero in on demographics)

  • Getting to know your competition (conduct a competitive analysis & use social media listening)

  • Performing a social media audit (how are your channels doing currently?)

  • Setting up accounts and improving profiles (decide which social platforms to use and improve them)

When designing your content, I capture your vision and purpose for your social media account.
Some of the details we go over when creating your visual and written content are:

  • Account Inspiration (what accounts inspire you aesthetically and/or capture a similar message?)

  • Establishing a brand voice (what feel is your brand aiming for?)

  • Theme/layout (what colors and or types of elements stand out to you?)

  • Setting a posting schedule (create a social media calendar with posting dates & times)

  • The right mix of content (posts should inform, educate, entertain, and promote your brand)


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Can I swap out some of the services I don’t need? → Yes! If some of the monthly services listed don’t meet your business needs, we can exchange them for a similar service.

Do I have to renew my social media services each month? → No, but it’s recommended that you do. Consistency is critical when increasing your brand awareness and growing your account organically.

Can I purchase a social media strategy and do the work myself? → Sure 🙂 We can work together to establish your business goals and vision. I’ll take that valuable info and create a strategy unique to your company for $150. My advice is to make sure you’re able to dedicate the time before taking on the giant!

Are any of these services available a la carte? → Sure 🙂 Posts, ads, or reels can be purchased individually. Send me an email for pricing!



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