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Organic Search (SEO)

A Few Ways You Can Rank High on the SERPs Include:

Understanding what keywords you want to rank for and weaving them throughout your website conversationally.
 Blogging is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their site, enhance inbound marketing efforts, and attract more prospective customers.
 Updating website content regularly.
To ensure your success online translates to growth in your business, have a strategy to collect email addresses and continue to nurture your leads to increase the likelihood that you will convert them to clients.

Earn a Higher Placement in the SERPs With a Lower Investment

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, going organic is expensive. Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true online. Often, businesses want to bypass the process of Search Engine Optimization by paying for Google ads. While this can be an effective tactic, it is typically expensive.
While competing for a number one spot organically will require you to battle with other content from top competitors, the process of getting a paid Google ad is not without competition either. To win ad space with Google, you must bid against other businesses, often with sizable budgets.
Aside from the time spent optimizing your website and creating content for your website visitors, organic search costs little to nothing. Conversely, a paid search often costs money whenever someone clicks on your ad.


The Power of Organic Search

The most effective way to generate traffic is to capture people searching online via a search engine. For example, when potential clients search for a company on Google, they will be taken to the first search engine result pages, often referred to as the SERPs. Your website must appear on the first organic search or paid results page to rank high in Google.

Many businesses invest resources in a race for the first page and, often, the first spot-for industry-specific keywords. Multiple studies have shown that the number one spot in Google is responsible for approximately one-third of the total traffic generated from search results.

A top spot for a specific keyword can be earned through organic or paid search. While experts argue the value of each, there is a clear winner in terms of website traffic and, if we are being honest, in terms of your wallet. The clear winner is an organic search.

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